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In July of 2009, 4Frontiers personnel took part in a simulated Mars mission at the Mars Society's Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station on Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic. 4Frontiers consultant Walter Vernon Kramer served as commander of the mission, and 4Frontiers Vice President Joseph Palaia served as executive officer and chief engineer.

On 6/24/2009 4Frontiers issued a press release about the expedition:

4Frontiers also conducted student outreach events during the expedition, in coordination with the Florida Space Grant Consortium. Click here for more information.

For more information about the expedition, please visit the FMARS website:

"There is no way back into the past; the choice, as Wells once said, is the universe--or nothing. Though men and civilizations may yearn for rest, for the dream of the lotus-eaters, that is a desire that merges imperceptibly into death. The challenge of the great spaces between the worlds is a stupendous one; but if we fail to meet it, the story of our race will be drawing to its close." - Arthur C. Clarke, Interplanetary Flight, 1950
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