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While the motion picture industry has brought us cinematic versions of Martian drama, 4Frontiers will bring a hands-on Mars settlement to the masses. 4Frontiers, through subsidiary NewSpace Center, LLC, intends to build Interspace, similar in appearance and design to a real settlement facility designed for Mars itself, and to make it available to the interested public. The company's Mars settlement research efforts and real-science focus will allow an unparalleled level of realism. The facility will be designed to engage the public and translate public fascination into revenue-based support of the company’s space development research and business operations.
Mars settlement-focused simulation and education will attract young minds and plant the seeds of future interest. This will allow many to become more familiar with our ultimate mission. This approach contrasts with remote simulation habitats in the Arctic and elsewhere, which are too remote for public access in significant numbers. Although primarily a demonstration facility, the center will also showcase the company’s latest innovations and provide a public forum for its Mars experts.  The company's entertainment and education products and activities will expand and further develop as the center grows. 4Frontiers will strive to make this the world's premiere location for education and innovation in Mars settlement activities.

"Without space included in the equation, 'sustainable growth' is an oxymoron. Think about it a moment. It suggests a pattern of growth somehow continuing indefinitely within a closed bubble--but a bubble can only 'sustain' so much growth before we bump into the walls.... Even with huge improvements in clean technology and recycling, under the closed sustainable growth scenario, it is simply impossible for every human on the planet Earth to achieve the lifestyle of the average North American without destroying that same planet. Yet, morally, there is absolutely no reason they should not be as rich as we are.... We can sustain the growth of the human species and the other life of planet Earth only by bursting the bubble. We must open the space frontier." - Rick Tumlinson, "The Frontier Files," Space Frontier Foundation, 1995
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