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Looking at Mars from Earth, one might wonder how a civilization will develop there. The reality is that through the use of available data, 4Frontiers has arrived at an astonishingly prescient view of future life on the Martian surface. The company has selected a location for its settlement village with all the structures and support systems that will be needed. 4Frontiers, through its research efforts, has begun to generate intellectual property covering material science, architectural, eco-technical, mechanical and related habitat items, methods and processes.
In October of 2006, a new Generation II program study team met in Atlanta, GA to initiate the latest formal round of Mars settlement design. The exciting Generation II effort engaged 45 individuals in a broad range of technical disciplines. The eight month project further refined and expanded upon concepts established in the initial 2005 study. It brought the level of detail and understanding related to an initial home for a dozen settlers to equipment layout design level. The Gen II study also examined the broader issues related to a branch of human civilization on the red planet growing to more than 1000 people. The effort expanded and refined the corporate technology roadmap and has generated a host of new technology innovations and other materials. 4Frontiers is leveraging this influx of energy to stimulate related development in its other business segments. More information about the study can be obtained by following the links on the left.
Since completion of the formal Gen II study, 4Frontiers has continued to advance its Mars settlement designs, largely by organizing the materials generated in order to facilitate identification of areas requiring further investigation. Several of these areas are being actively pursued. This includes development of the Gen II settlement architecture, and targeted research efforts in Mars greenhouse materials and other key areas. This section will be periodically updated as the company's Mars settlement investigations move forward.

"And then, the Earth being small, mankind will migrate into space, and will cross the airless Saharas which separate planet from planet and sun from sun. The Earth will become a Holy Land which will be visited by pilgrims from all the quarters of the Universe. Finally, men will master the forces of Nature; they will become themselves architects of systems, manufacturers of worlds." - Winwood Reade, THE MARTYRDOM OF MAN, 1872
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