Mars Settlement Design
- Gen II Update - July '07
- Gen II Update - May '07
- Gen II Update - Jan '07
- Gen II Launch - Oct '06
FMARS 2011 Expedition
Prospective Projects
Past Projects
- Mars Greenhouse Materials
- FMARS 2009 Expedition

The following research projects were successfully completed by the 4Frontiers Corporation:

Heat Transfer and Stress Investigations of Transparent Material Subjected to Internal Greenhouse Conditions in a Simulated Mars Surface Environment
  • NASA & Florida Space Grant Consortium $25,000 research grant
  • More information is available here.

FMARS 2009 Expedition
  • Vernon Kramer & Joseph Palaia of 4Frontiers took part in the 1-month Mars simulation
  • More information is available here.

A number of additional research projects were completed by 4Frontiers, but are not yet listed here. Please check back on this page for future updates. 

"Many of the problems that we have today may not have solutions on Earth. The solutions may lie only in leaving the planet behind. There's no way we can avoid tearing up the countryside for ores, for fuel, for raw materials here on Earth--short of everybody dying off." - Keith and Carolyn Henson in Worlds Beyond, ed. New Dimensions Foundation, 1978
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