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We at 4Frontiers believe that the dream of settling Mars and the rest of the inner solar system can be achieved while adhering to high standards of planetary and environmental protection for all bodies. We are committed to protect the settlers, Mars, and the Earth throughout each stage of development.

We will adhere to the spirit of the planetary protection policy and criteria for minimizing cross contamination of planetary bodies with chemical and biological material as set forth by the International Council of Scientific Unions' Committee on Space Research (COSPAR).  We look forward to constructive collaboration with all interested parties in the scientific, technical and engineering communities to develop workable solutions to the challenge of creating permanently inhabited settlements on Mars and other solar system destinations that respect the new home for humanity and do not compromise our chance of finding clues to the deepest questions that are beckoning some of us into space in the first place.
In its very nature, any permanent settlement in space will achieve orders of magnitude higher efficiency in the use of many limited resources than current terrestrial norms. The lessons learned and technologies developed from learning to live on Mars will be tremendously helpful in teaching us how to protect and survive in an increasingly crowded terrestrial biosphere. This endeavor will be extremely valuable in providing inspiration and many answers for how to use resources more efficiently and how to share them appropriately here on Earth.

Mark Homnick, CEO
"Space colonization offers mankind a radically new and different option: The choice is no longer between continued growth until the limits of a small planet force collapse back to subsistence farming versus drastic social and economic changes to halt growth soon. We now have a third choice, that of continuing growth, but in a very different direction." - J. Peter Vajk in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 1976
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