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January Update! - Generation II Mars Settlement Design

The next generation of Mars settlement design is proceeding at a rapid pace. Brian Enke, 4Frontiers lead technical writer, provides a status update, which covers progress in multiple disciplines and new settlement location.

Click Here to Read the January Update

New Story, "Fear Above, Terror Below" on Crazy4Mars.com

While recording a documentary outside the settlement, Mason and Tregon make a shocking discovery, one that could completely change their understanding of Martian history and reality... if they live to tell anyone about it!

Click Here to Read "Fear Above, Terror Below"


Walk on the Moon with Lunar ExplorerTM - Software Available in the 4Frontiers Store!

Twelve men have walked on the moon, now it's your turn! 4Frontiers is excited to now offer for sale the Lunar ExplorerTM PC software.

Lunar Explorer lets YOU be the Explorer. You decide where to land on the Moon and which sites to explore. All of the historic landing sites have been simulated: Six Apollo sites, five Surveyor sites and seven Russian Luna mission sites. Lunar Explorer is based on a breakthrough software architecture called RADE that powers the entire Moon simulation to run in real time on home computers or laptops.

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Looking for that perfect gift for the space enthusiast? Excited by what 4Frontiers is doing and want to help?
Visit the 4Frontiers Store. Expanding line of fun and educational space merchandise available.

Innovative Technology / Mars Space Suit - See 4Frontiers Corp Website

4Frontiers now provides a new section of the corporate website dedicated to showcasing innovative technologies. These cutting edge technologies will help enable development of the space frontier.

One such technology is the Mechanical Counter Pressure space suit, or BioSuit. Suits created using this technology will provide increased mobility and dexterity, which will be needed for the early Mars explorers and settlers to be most effective.

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Web Hits Exceed 600,000 Over Holiday Season!

The 4Frontiers new and expanded websites experienced a high visitor count in the months of November and December. Total website hits were over 600,000, with excess of 15,000 visits to the sites.

Mars Poetry - on 4Frontiers Corp Website

4Frontiers now provides a new poetry section of the corporate website. Stuart Atkinson has been gracious enough to allow us to repost several of his poems. If you have written a space related poem and are interested in having your work showcased on the 4Frontiers website, please contact us.

Click Here to Read Mars Poetry


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