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July Update! - Generation II Mars Settlement Design

The next generation of Mars settlement design is proceeding at a rapid pace. Members of the team gathered in Atlanta, GA during the weekend of March 9-12 to discuss their design concepts. Brian Enke, 4Frontiers lead technical writer, provides Part 2 of the meeting report, which covers progress in multiple disciplines.

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New Story "The Haunted Airlock" - Now on Crazy4Mars.com

The settlers hardly ever use the North Maintenance Airlock. Mason's curiosity is aroused when he spots footprints leading from the hatch towards the power plant, a highly restricted area. Even more surprising... why don't the footprints return?

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"The Haunted Airlock"


Stock Offering Successful

4Frontiers completed a successful private placement offering in April involving thousands of preferred stock shares at a price of $25 per share. The company has raised $550,000, including equity and debt, since the it's 2005 incorporation.

Contract Awarded - Earth Orbital Facility

4Frontiers has been awarded a contract to providing strategic planning & guidance services. The company is participating in an initial study for a piece of Earth orbital space infrastructure. This work leverages 4Frontiers experience in space facility design and its expanding network of space technology specialists.

Additional information will be released in the coming months.

New Corporate Headquarters - New Port Richey, FL

In May, 4Frontiers opened its first company headquarters office at a commercial location in New Port Richey, Florida, just north of Tampa. Coupled with the relocation of Joseph Palaia (VP Operations, R&D) from MIT to the new office, this step allows better focus and coordination of internal resources.

New Internship Opportunities

4Frontiers is presently seeking several students to fill vacancies in our internship program. Specific internship opportunities fall into the following categories:

  • Mars Analog Simulation Design

  • Orbital Facility Feasibility Study

  • Sales, Promotion & Vender Partnerships

  • Technical Writing

  • Education Unit Assembly

  • Website Development

  • Public Relations / Promotion / Marketing

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Speakers & Lecturers - Perfect for Your Next Event!

4Frontiers would be delighted to provide speakers and lecturers  for your business, entertainment or education event.

Our goal is to inspire and educate, with focus on space development and its profound impact on our society.

A speaker from 4Frontiers will captivate your employees, students or other associates. Each speaker's program is guaranteed effective and motivational.

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Consultant Services - Put Our Team to Work for You!

Have a technology challenge to overcome?
Looking for a cost effective and expedient way to fill gaps in your company's technical knowledge base?
In need of program management
or strategic planning services?

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