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May Update! - Generation II Mars Settlement Design

The next generation of Mars settlement design is proceeding at a rapid pace. Members of the team gathered in Atlanta, GA during the weekend of March 9-12 to discuss their design concepts.  Brian Enke, 4Frontiers lead technical writer, provides an update from the meeting, which covers progress in multiple disciplines.

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New Story "Fire in the Sky" - Now on

Mason and Mariah enjoy a fireworks display of cosmic proportions until a surprise arrival steals the show. They soon discover that on Mars, nature's revenge can be swift and final.

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"Fire in the Sky"


4Frontiers to Present at the International Space Development Conference in Dallas

Joseph Palaia, Vernon Kramer, Derek & April Andreas, Jim Pass, Brian Enke, Bebe Serrato and Grant Bonin will represent 4Frontiers at this year's NSS International Space Development Conference. The conference is May 25-28 in Dallas, Texas. 4Frontiers attendees will present on various aspects of the company's research & operations. 

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4Frontiers Speakers - Perfect for Your Next Event!

4Frontiers would be delighted to provide speakers and lecturers  for your business, entertainment or education event.

Our goal is to inspire and educate, with focus on space development and its profound impact on our society.

A speaker from 4Frontiers will captivate your employees, students or other associates. Each speaker's program is guaranteed effective and motivational.

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Innovative Technology - Mars Entry, Descent & Landing Systems

The construction of a Mars settlement will require delivery of a large mass of tools, equipment and other materials to the Martian surface. This will require the development of new, innovative entry, descent and landing systems. The landing of larger payloads (10 metric tons or more) presents an especially difficult challenge. This is a key area requiring further research. To learn more, see Mars EDL on the corporate website.

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4Frontiers Consultant Services - Put Our Team to Work for You!

Have a technology challenge to overcome?
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