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The Management Team is the commercial core of 4Frontiers and the spinoff NewSpace Center, LLC. These business and marketing experts develop the product lines and business relationships necessary for the corporations to sustain themselves and to grow.

Mark Homnick – President and CEO of 4Frontiers Corporation
Mark co-founded 4Frontiers and served as Program Manager for both the Gen I and Gen II Mars settlement programming studies. His professional experience includes a decade at Intel as program/project manager for wafer fabrication facility design and construction, plus another decade with AT&T developing commercial production facilities. His technical background includes a BSME from Pennsylvania State University and multiple publications on high purity fluids. He is also coauthor on two Mars related books and two peer reviewed technical publications on the topics of Mars settlement architecture and space economics.

Joseph E. Palaia, IV – President & CEO of NewSpace Center, LLC
Joe holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a masters degree in Nuclear Science & Engineering from MIT. He has served in engineering and management roles in two comprehensive Mars settlement design efforts. He has co-authored technical papers on the topics of Mars surface nuclear power plant design, Mars settlement architecture, space economics and the economics of energy on Mars. He also served as executive officer and engineer for the Mars Society’s 2009 FMARS expedition and as Commander of the 2013 expedition. Joe received the 2005 Peter Diamandis Leadership Award and the 2007 Nepolitano Award for space industry entrepreneurism. Joe co-founded 4Frontiers and served as VP of Operations and R&D for the company’s initial years of operation. He now serves as President & CEO of NewSpace Center, LLC, spearheading the company’s efforts to fund and develop INTERSPACE.

Frank Crossman, Ph.D. – Technology & Business Adviser
Frank is a graduate of Cornell University (B.S. and M.Eng. in Materials Engineering) and Stanford University (Ph.D. in Materials Science) and conducted postdoctoral studies in Applied Physics at Harvard University. From 1966 until his retirement in 1998, Frank was employed by Lockheed in their Palo Alto Research facilities. He retired as Director of Materials Systems encompassing Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Advanced Technology Centers efforts in materials, structures, controls, and NDE. During 1991-1996 Dr. Crossman was the ATCs Director of three Materials Technologies organizations: Chemistry, Structures, and Materials Applications. Dr. Crossman has published over 50 articles in technical journals and conference proceedings and has co-edited three books. He was a member of the National Research Council’s National Materials Advisory Board for seven years and also served as Chair of the Board of Governors of the NSF sponsored Institute for Mechanics and Materials at UCSD and as a member of Industrial Advisory Board of MIT’s Materials Processing Center.

"There may be only a brief window of opportunity for space travel during which we will in principle have the capability to establish colonies (which could in turn establish further colonies). If we let that opportunity pass without taking advantage of it we will be doomed to remain on the Earth where we will eventually go extinct." - Richard Gott, "Implications of the Copernician Principle For Our Future Prospects," Nature, 1993
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