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August 24, 2007 

Mars Settlement Design Study Update Released

Tampa, FL – 4Frontiers Corporation, an emerging space commerce company focused on the settlement of Mars, has released an update to its Generation II Mars Settlement Design Study. 

The current update, along with previous updates, is available on the 4Frontiers Corporation Web site,

The Generation II Mars Settlement Design Study was initiated in late 2006, and involves 45 individuals representing a wide range of technical disciplines.  The purpose of the study is to further refine and establish concepts for an initial home for 12 settlers, bringing them to the equipment layout design stage.

The Generation II study will also examine broader issues and challenges related to growing a branch of human civilization on Mars to more than 1,000 individuals.  The company expects the Generation II study to continue to refine the corporate technology road map, and to generate a number of new technology innovations and other materials.

4Frontiers Corporation, headquartered in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, recognizes the economic potential resulting from the convergence of four current and upcoming space frontiers — Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids.  The company’s development activities include technologies required for long-duration human habitation in space and extra-terrestrial resource recovery.  Its earth-based informative entertainment segment engages and educates the public while communicating the company’s progress.  The 4Frontiers Corporation Web site is located at <>.

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"There may be only a brief window of opportunity for space travel during which we will in principle have the capability to establish colonies (which could in turn establish further colonies). If we let that opportunity pass without taking advantage of it we will be doomed to remain on the Earth where we will eventually go extinct." - Richard Gott, "Implications of the Copernician Principle For Our Future Prospects," Nature, 1993
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