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August 26, 2008

4Frontiers Now Offering Unique Space & Culture Tour Packages

TAMPA, FL – 4Frontiers Corporation, a NewSpace technology, entertainment & education company, is pleased to announce it is offering a new service: the creation of custom tour packages for audiences interested in space, technology and culture.


Working hand-in-hand with youth groups, schools, clubs and other organizations domestic and abroad, 4Frontiers will create unique tour programs focusing on the interests, and addressing the needs, of each group. The company is uniquely positioned to provide special behind-the-scenes tours and other exciting experiences (many of which are unavailable from traditional travel agencies) through its extensive space industry network. Tour programs offer visitors unprecedented access to the companies engaged in the new commercial space race, contrasted with past US space program accomplishments.


4Frontiers presently offers tour experiences in the four US cities of Houston, New York, Orlando, and Washington DC, with more cities and experiences coming soon. The company will provide one-on-one guidance in selection of group itineraries, purchase all tickets, make hotel reservations, arrange ground and air transportation, and provide continuous support during group travel. Tours may feature special astronaut encounters at the Kennedy & Johnson Space Centers, behind-the-scenes tours of space hardware processing and research facilities, world-renowned cultural icons in New York City and Washington DC, fabulous entertainment in Orlando, FL and much more.


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