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Speakers & Lecturers

Sheryl L. Bishop, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, School of Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch
Speaking Topics:
Psychosocial factors, physiological factors, human factors, group dynamics and crew selection and evaluation, as they pertain to space travel, space habitation and extreme environments (including deep caving, polar and desert environments, and space analog environments).

Grant Bonin
Masters Candidate, Aerospace Science & Engineering
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
Space Flight Lab
Speaking Topics:
Non-technical: Launch Vehicle Economics; The Role of Private Enterprise in Space Development
Technical: Human lunar and Mars exploration and settlement; Mars entry, descent, and landing techniques; Human Venus Exploration; Solar Electric Propulsion; Parametric Studies of Human Mars Missions.

Dr. Ben Bova
Science Fiction Author
Speaking Topics:
The prospects for human immortality, the impact of science on politics (and vice versa), space exploration and development, the craft of writing, and the search for extraterrestrial life.

Michael Carroll
Space Artist, Author & Editor
Speaking Topics:
Mars Exploration – Past and present explorations and how we’ll send people to stay.
Alien Volcanoes – exploding mountains and geysers on other planets and moons.
Astronomical Art – the science and art of painting other worlds.

Frank Crossman, Ph.D.
Materials Science & Engineering Specialist
Speaking Topics:
Economics and justification for Mars settlement, development and expansion of Mars industrial capability, identification, location and exploitation of Mars resources, Mars mining, refining, and manufacturing systems, Mars polymer production processes.

Marianne Dyson
Award-winning Children’s Author,
Former NASA Flight Controller
Speaking Topics:
Youth Education, International Space Station, Mission Control, Shuttle Program

Brian Enke
Senior Research Analyst at the Southwest Research Institute,
science fiction author
Speaking Topics:
Moon, Mars, and asteroid science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality gaming and science fiction writing

Paul Graham
CTO Alpine Systems Engineering
Speaking Topics:
Mars surface suits, Mars analog operations, building and maintaining simulated habitats, general Mars topics, space for private industry, computer systems for space and surface exploration

Thomas Hill
Flight Operations – Landsat Program,
science fiction author
Speaking Topics:
Mars, asteroids, lunar exploration and general space topics.

BeBe Kelly-Serrato
Principal Consultant
Aerospace Science Consulting Consortia
Speaking Topics:
The Science of Music, Systems of Systems in Geology and Geophysics, Space Careers for Women, Systems of Systems in Aerospace, Disaster Recovery Systems – Locally and Globally, Career Changes for Baby Boomers, Leadership & Sucess, Philosphy of Human Space Exploration, Paradigm Shifts, Technology & Methodology of Human Space Exploration, Risk Assessement, Professional Survival for 2009…Laid off Now What?

T. Nathaniel Owen-Going, Ph.D.
Going Consulting, Inc.
Speaking Topics:
Challenges of Agriculture on Mars (includes perspectives of Plant Pathogens, Water Treatment Technologies & Remediation).
Methods of Crop Production in Space (includes perspectives of Agronomy, Agriculture, Horticulture, Greenhouse Cultivation, Soil & Hydroponics).
Plant Productivity in Space or on Mars (includes perspectives on Plant Physiology & Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology & Fertilizers).

Joseph E. Palaia, IV
President & CEO, NewSpace Center, LLC
Speaking Topics:
Mars Settlement technologies and methodologies, societal and historic significance of a frontier.

Jim Pass, Ph.D.
Speaking Topics:
Astrosociology, Education & Astrosociology, Space Settlements (i.e. space societies), Applied Astrosociology, Space Tourism, Social Problems & Astrosociology, Medical Astrosociology, Developing Astrosociology for the Space Sciences, Planetary defense (protecting terrestrial societies / cultures), Astrobiology / SETI – connections to astrosociology and society.

Kristin Showalter
Propulsions Design Engineer – Shuttle Program – Kennedy Space Center
Speaking Topics:
Mars Surface Transport, the Shuttle Program, Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control.

Debi-Lee Wilkinson
4Frontiers Research Scientist

Speaking Topics:

Astronomy, orbital dynamics, Mars, asteroid mining, Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS)

"There may be only a brief window of opportunity for space travel during which we will in principle have the capability to establish colonies (which could in turn establish further colonies). If we let that opportunity pass without taking advantage of it we will be doomed to remain on the Earth where we will eventually go extinct." - Richard Gott, "Implications of the Copernician Principle For Our Future Prospects," Nature, 1993
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